MUBOX is a study of Postproduction sound with high standards of quality and commitment, based on extensive experience in the sector and the latest equipment.

Postproduction sound

We develop the sound assembly of your audiovisual projects, fulfilling the established times and with a maximum level of quality. The work system with which we work allows us to develop projects with a technical and creative level of the first level.

Sound monitoring

We supervise your project from the beginning until the completion of the standard copy, offering a meticulous work of control to ensure the maximum levels of sound quality, with an absolute implication and adapting to the needs of the project.


Our extensive experience in the audiovisual sector has allowed us to deliver courses for professionals and universities students for more than ten years. What makes our team in great teachers with a long experience in the film sound sector.

Multimedia projects

We develop projects for multimedia platforms, as well as for different projects related to new technologies applied to the audiovisual, contributing our cinematographic experience to the new audiovisual formats, such as virtual reality.


We put at the disposal of our clients all our experience in the cinematographic sector for the realization of the sound of their video games. Providing the same sound codes of the world of cinema to the videogames as well our experience in narrative sound.

Audiovisual shows

Our experiencie making numerous audiovisual shows, as well as sound installations in museums and exhibitions brings to your shows a outstanding quality. We offer our clients the experience of having worked with numerous artists and video artists.

Daniel Peña File IMDB

Daniel Peña

He began his professional career after completing his film studies, creating with 23 years SCS, a company dedicated to providing comprehensive sound services. After this stage he establishes himself as a freelance, moving to London where he perfects his technical knowledge in the company Future Films.

After five years as a freelancer and working hand in hand with Polo Aledo in 2011, he created the company La Caja de Muuu, a prelude to MUBOX, specialized in sound postproduction for audiovisual projects. Throughout his career he has worked in more than 90 audiovisual projects, and for the last ten years he has worked as a teacher in many institutions and universities.

Our values

Quality above all else Dedication to the project Experience in the sector Latest generation equipment Custom Works Development of narrative sound