sobre nosotros

Mubox is a sound post-production company created in 2011 by sound editor and supervisor Daniel Peña. It is the consolidation of a project that began in 1999 at the hands of Polo Aledo and his team, and that over time ended up becoming Mubox. A company with extensive experience and consolidation in the technical and creative panorama of sound in Spain with more than 100 projects over these years.

We have developed a way of working in which quality and dedication prevail in each of the audiovisual projects in which we work. We contribute our experience in the development of narrative sound by printing our identity sign, making completely customized works according to the needs demanded by each project.

Mubox is a reference of quality, commitment and dedication, for each of the projects in which we participate.

Our studios are located in the center of Madrid, providing comfort to our clients, in a privileged environment.

Our experience has allowed us to work on numerous projects, diversifying the sectors in which we work and in the projects in which we participate.