• Postproduction sound

    Sound postproduction

    We make available to our clients the latest technical and creative advances for the development of their audiovisual projects.

    • Narrative Sound
    • Highly Qualified Technicians
    • Direct production coordination
    • Top-level equipment
    • Adapt to the project's own needs
    • Sound room rental for independent projects
  • Sound monitoring

    Sound supervision

    Develop the sound of your projects audiovisual, providing to the project of the maximum quality, from a point of view creative and technical.

    • Analysis and monitoring of processes
    • Coordination of departments
    • Adjust times to the needs of the projects
    • Prices competitive
    • Supervision of the project to copy standard
  • Educación


    offer to institutions educational and business our knowledge in the area of it education.

    • Courses for professionals
    • Master-Class
    • Advice to companies
    • Educational exhibitions
    • Forums film
  • Multimedia projects

    Multimedia projects

    develop projects integral to all those works multimedia that need a treatment sound according to the needs required.

    • Developments integral
    • Implementation of own resources by project.
    • Creativity.
    • Video creation.
  • Videogames


    given our experience in the film industry, moved our skill to highly related sectors.

    • We develop tailor-made projects
    • Provide to the project of entity sound own
    • Recording of sound libraries dedicated to elements
    • Technical with dedication exclusive to the project
  • Audiovisual shows

    Audiovisual shows

    in our career we have developed shows and installations both mobile as permanent, for numerous institutions and museums. Transferring the creativity of the sound to the image.

    • Museums
    • Presentations
    • Galleries of art.